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The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper

From the Simon Cowell of the self-help genre, Donna Estes Antebi, comes a game-changing, life-saving handbook for the twenty-first century woman. The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper is a collection of everyday wisdom with the real secrets every modern women ought to know nestled deep in its pages. Covering men, love, dating, career, marriage, sex, infidelity, divorce, and parenthood, Antebi champions becoming strong, fabulous, proactive women, and provides a veritable roadmap to becoming such a woman.

The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper is bursting with information that's never discussed in mixed company – not with this amount of honesty, clarity, and razor-sharp wit. Donna dishes the topics thatreally matter to woman. Discover how - and why - to save a troubled marriage. Learn to spot an enemy in a friendly disguise. Discover money strategies that work, and what you can do if you can’t be as rich as Oprah. Hear the hard truth about gender politics. (They haven’t changed as much as some people want us to believe). Learn the symptoms of "Post Traumatic Cheating Syndrome" and the study the course outline for "Home-Wreckers 101." If it's time to push your guy off the fence, you'll need to learn "The Exit Speech." The right words combined with expert timing can predict whether he'll walk back in the door or leave for Las Vegas, and how long it will take.

There is a good reason why this book comes with a warning that it's not for men. It outs all the dirty cyber tricks and high-tech alibis that men are using to con their way out of trouble or into your bed. This book exposes secrets and sheds insight into the never-before-seen private world of men. The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper will help women stack the odds of success in their favor - whatever the circumstances may be.

The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper is a book that will be saved for years and shared between friends, given at engagement parties, passed on from daughter to mother and mother to daughter. The theories and new vocabulary will become part of the American vernacular. The Real Secrets will kick up the energy in your book club or your girl's night out. You may find yourself reciting key phrases and concepts for many years to come.

Wives will find this book eye-opening. With sixty million wives in America, it's time to stand united against Weeds. Use this book to safeguard your children, Weed-proof your life, and make your family even stronger.

Every woman needs this book - no matter what age or stage. Whether you're a cougar or a Cleo, a Weed or a wife, a stay-at-home-mom or a savvy business woman, you know the world has changed and men have too. The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper is an invaluable resource at your fingertips. Buy one for yourself, and another for a friend in need. And don't forget -- keep this book away from men! We're serious!

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