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British media: Arsenal denied contact with Touhall high-level support Wenger stay team

After the weekend gunmen guest 1-3 loss to Madden Coins West Brom, after the game Wenger said the decision about his stay will soon be announced. Wenger can continue to stay in Arsenal also aroused the speculation of the parties, just hanging enough of everyone's appetite, West Brian coach Pulisi said Wenger had told him that he would renew the contract with Arsenal, but according to Germany Media "Bild" broke the news, Arsenal intends to invite Dortmund coach Touhele successor Wenger, but the news was soon rumor, Arsenal official denied Touhurier Arsenal successor Wenger.
Touhur and Arsenal has long been heard between the scandal, Tuheer's team concept is considered to meet the requirements of Arsenal now, Tuller on the cultivation of youth training and the use of young players are very seriously. But according to the latest news from Sky Sports, Arsenal officials say the newsletter is not true about Arsenal's contact with Tuller.
"Daily Mirror" said that although the future of Wenger's future still have to make a joint decision, but Arsenal in such a period of time rumors of the news, coupled with the news revealed by the Pulis, that the wind has occurred The change, Arsenal executives will support Wenger to stay in Arsenal.

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