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How to Win FIFA 15 Coins with Luis Suarez Ban Lifted

EA FIFA 15 released for a month already. With a little pity, gamers find Luis Suarez was banned in FIFA 15 until Oct 26. Now finally, EA twittered that he is available in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode now. What is wrong wit h him and what should you do to win more FIFA 15 coins with him?

Reasons of Luis Suarez being banned in FIFA 15
Maybe you have known why already, but still someone others don’t aware why Luis Suarez been banned. Luis Suarez was found biting somebody during a soccer game and not just once. In front of the entire globe when the Uruguayan striker chomped on the shoulder of Italian centre-back Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup in June and then he was banned from international and club football. Then EA decided to ban him in FIFA 15 too to make the game more realistic.

Now his ban lifted on Oct 24 in real life and on Oct 26 in FIFA 15 game just a day before Barcelona plays Real Madrid in La Liga. By the way, he now transferred to force his way to FC Barcelona away from Liverpool.

Choose Suarez to win FIFA 15.
As a one of the best strikers in the world, Saurez is good at passing and scoring and is expected to perform excellent in the follow competition corporate with Neymar and Messi. Here is the player card of Suarez in FIFA 15 above.

With his 89-rated striker card on Ultimate Team making the Barcelona forward one of best player ratings in FIFA 15, Luis Suarez will no doubt be a priority for enthusiastic FIFA fans to obtain. Look at the 83 pace, 87 shooting,79 passing and 88 dribbling and 79 physics, all proved to be a best ST and really want to have in FIFA 15 ! well, be attention that he is quite expensive as well as his excellent ability.

If you don’t have enough FIFA 15 coins to afford to Luis Suarez,fifa15-coins should be the best site for FIFA 15 coins buying. Cheap fifa 15 coins in stock are on hot sale and within 10 minutes delivery as well as various payment.Have fun!

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