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Real Madrid title champion has lived two teams he is not a superstar superstar

In addition, Casimiro also changed the image will only LOLGA steal in the field, his long pass ability is growing, return to Real Madrid, his long pass rate reached 74% accuracy. Casimiro's short pass ability is also improved, this season, his short pass rate of 88% accuracy, which is his highest career.

At the offensive level, Casimiro seemed to have never been relaxed, has made three goals, in the last round of the Spanish athletic competition in Bilbao game he made a ball.

"National News" that Real Madrid finally found in 2003 Marlai Lai left the Bernabeu, the team has been looking for the ideal midfielder. More than a decade, Real Madrid midfielder position to a lot of players, most of them failed to succeed. Barbero Garcia, Gravesen, Emerson, Muhammad - Diarra, Las - Diarra have failed, only Alonso solved the problem, but he was different from the type of Marklele.

When Real Madrid was leased to Porto, Cassei Mi made progress, he improved the ability to steal, when, how to steal the opponent more clearly. After returning to Real Madrid, in the Benitez era, around the Casemiro is not the kick the main and doubt, in Zinedine Zidane took office, this question quickly eliminated.

In the hands of Zidane, Casimiro became the main force undoubtedly, especially in the important game even more so. Last season, Casemiro played 35 games, of which 28 are starting, including the Champions League final in Milan. This season, he has 25 starting debut. There is no doubt that this looks of the Brazilians, Zinedine Zidane has become the most dependent on the cornerstone of the championship.

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