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Runescape OldSchhol Connection Issues

Many of you accept noticed common disconnections whilst arena Old School RuneScape over the accomplished week, and we wish to assure you that we are acquainted of these disruptions to your gameplay and that we are actively alive to boldness the issues.

Over the accomplished anniversary our bold servers accept been the ambition of again DDoS attacks. A Distributed Denial of Account (DDoS) disrupts an online account by cutting it with awful cartage - authoritative it harder for accepted users to be served.

Unfortunately, DDoSing is a aftereffect of base axiological flaws with the basement of the Internet, and DDoS attacks can yield abounding forms - which makes arresting adjoin them an advancing challenge.

As time goes on DDoS attacks become added varied, added able and accomplishment altered abstruse loopholes. The attacks we face today are clashing those we accept faced in the past, and arresting adjoin altered types of advance one by one while authoritative abiding that accepted users aren't abnormally afflicted is a circuitous and technically arduous process.

Whilst we are consistently adapting our defences to accord with new types of attack, new types of advance are consistently appearance their heads. Each blazon of advance can crave absolute analysis to acquisition solutions, and these solutions generally crave added acclimation to ensure their success.

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Unfortunately, this agency that we can't be too specific if talking about what we are accomplishing to abate and anticipate these attacks, as it may attenuate the success of any changes we make.

However, we accept dealt with these problems in the past, and the Systems Administration aggregation are alive night and day to boldness the issues we're currently experiencing. We will abide to do aggregate accessible until these affiliation issues are resolved, and we abide assured of award a solution.

Thank you for your compassionate and your patience, and affliction for the inconvenience.

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