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I think you can use a wide variety of formations to make my style work, but some are generally more effective than others. Every formation I'll recommend is going to have wide players. That's because, in general, they tend to have high pace and dribbling stats which is exactly the kind of player that suits my style.

I love the 4-3-3 formations. It's how I started FIFA this year and whilst I've drifted away from them from time to time, fut16coin always end up returning eventually for some enjoyment. I'd recommend the 4-3-3(3) in particular for a player struggling against the CPU because it gives you a lot more defensive cover than the formation I normally use, the 4-3-3(4).

Use really quick wingers with great dribbling stats, set them to stay forward, cut inside and get in behind. Set at least one CDM to stay back whilst attacking. I would just leave your other players as they are. The result will be your whole midfield will get involved in defending, which can is important because you wont be using your wide players to help at all.

This is a super popular formation this year, and with good reason. It's possibly the most versatile formation available in the game. I've been using it a lot over the post few months and it can be very effective against the AI. However, I only recommend it if you are decent at defending the CPU's attacks. You've only got one CDM to sit in front of your defense so it can be a little vulnerable.

I would set both of your wingers to get in behind and cut inside, but only set one of them to get forward. Do this to whichever you think is your more likely goal scorer. You're going to need the other winger to get back on defense and effectively play as LB/RB. Other than that, have your CDM to stay back whilst attacking and you can leave all your other players.

I think this is probably a preferable formation to the 4-1-2-1-2 to beat the CPU. It has a lot more defensive capabilities as you have two CDM's to cover the back. Plus your CAM can drop a little deeper to help out or track a runner which is really helpful. It's main advantage over the 4-3-3 formations is that you can manually run back with your LM/RM if they're 2v1'ing your fifa coins.
Use the same instructions as I recommended for the 4-3-3. Keep in mind it's effectively the same formation as the 4-3-3, it just sits your wingers much further back so you have more cover.

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