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You do not know the secret behind handbag

 Everyone knows the classic Hermès Birkin bag luxury, there are many Victoria Beckham Birkin bag, but this information is "Tyrant" discovered, so they have to have!So, sorry, if you do not have a good temperament in the country carry a Hermes Birkin bag, then, that you have joined the "Tyrant" team.

  We all know that this is your life's first luxury, so there must be people will be able to identify the logo and printing, while Louis Vuitton is really high, but LV has become the best entry-level luxury select.Because in everyday life, whether true or false, young or old, everyone has a LV handbag.

  A Guo Degang let people know the French domestic brand, a Miranda can be children, let Givenchy Antigona Replica coach handbagspopular in the whole world.We can not say Givenchy become a "tyrant," a favorite, but you can follow the footsteps of Miranda children.

  Ladies in foreign countries is the choice in the country is the lady's favorite.Because Diana has been "Lady Dior", it has become the most classic Dior single product models.If you have a drift of this bag, do not care about other people treat you as a "lady" looked.

  Although it is just black and white ash, but the domestic Fashionable, staff hardly a brand, the rapid rise in the US-born designer, of course, people want to support it.Alexander Wang will move into the design the style, how not to become a favorite of the young, if you have an Alexander Wang Replica coach handbags, must walk in front of the trend of young people.

  Hardcore classic single product, but if you know to stop at Chanel 2.55 quilted bag, that you really no taste, even carrying this handbag on a million, it will not cause anyone's attention, just blindly self-admiring.Or to choose a Chanel "Boy" series or "Lego" bag.

  Congratulations!You have the same model of fashion taste.Shot in the street in a foreign country, is almost a hand model Celine Replica coach handbags in addition to that section of the world's popular "smiley face bag", other styles can easily be recognized, so people know that you are a taste of the Lady .

  Balenciaga is very good, but the "locomotive package" very old, if you are still in this stage, it would only be used "earth" to describe it.Do not believe you go looking street shooting star, are sure to carry off a few years ago.Now for Alexander Wang as design director, so I'd try more other models it.

  Capable of great workplace atmosphere Replica business, classic style, but also the pursuit of diversity change, not too much publicity, if you want to reward yourself look, still worth having!

  Michael Kors, you win!Regardless of style, but it is definitely a brand manpower.People walking on the left, Michael Kors!Go in the right people, Michael Kors!Walking in front of people, or Michael Kors!It does not matter, this is definitely not a "Tyrant" choice for them too "cheap", but for white-collar women started going to the workplace, it is your entry-luxury models, it is worth little to show off.

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