A lot of young men still don't know how to pick up a girl

Despite thousands of instructions on how to pack a girl, a large number of men remain “single” without wanting to. What are they doing wrong? Let’s take a look at a few ways to change that.

With a little healthy confidence, you have almost won. As soon as you manage to make eye contact with the object of your interest, imagine, for example, that you are Pierce Brosnan alias James Bond. Slightly narrowed eyes and your gaze say, “You look really nice!” Do not look away first. Are you saying you want Bond’s look, but you just don’t? Does your self-confidence walk up the stairs to the sky only very slowly, while your competitors overlook you from a height with a contemptuous smile? You don’t have a figure you can brag about, your hair is thinning, and you have traces of mud on your pants from inadvertently stepping into a puddle in the morning?

All these shortcomings will disappear as soon as you smile. A smile breaks through the ice. With a sincere smile you will catch up with charisma. You will be optimistic, friendly. Did you know that men in society smile less than the fairer sex ?.

Keep in mind that the girls remember every detail of the first meeting, including clothes, choice of drinks, smells, and traces of mud from the morning accident? Men are happy after the meeting to remember if there was a kiss or sex. The only thing that can stick in their memory are their ideas about the next development of the situation.

If you are going to your first date, try to evoke the appearance of romance. Even the toughest biker will enjoy roses. Don’t be old-fashioned. Be careful not to get drunk and show off at once. Give the girl the impression that you are primarily concerned with her soul.

Never talk too much about yourself. For one thing, you might say something you’ll regret later, but most of all, you’re showing a lack of interest. Wait until she asks herself. Listen, even if it’s the most boring. Feel free to take it off with your eyes, but not too tightly. She might notice.

When she finally lets you speak, unwrap a story on it to freeze it. For example, the experience of a car accident. Or from a wild vacation. If you are credible enough, he may grab your hand, or he may run his index finger over it. In that case, it’s almost yours. Definitely don’t relax.

You sit together for an hour, the conversation flows, but you are not sure that you are interested. It’s time to find out. Gently touch her feet, and stay for a while. If you dodge, you try little - or unnecessarily. If he pushes, you may have a pleasant evening ahead of you.

At the first meeting, the worst thing is embarrassing silence. Think of anything to avoid it. If you no longer know where to go, suggest, for example, that you go for a walk. There are many suggestions out there that don’t need comment. It is much easier to be silent there than at the table.

As soon as you leave the first meeting together hand in hand, you can strengthen your position with some cute stupidity. Take a bath, for example, or slap yourself in the snow and make a butterfly. Most girls will appreciate your crazy ideas. If possible, do not destroy other people’s property. You never know how much responsibility is dormant in your partner.

A little nervousness or timidity is not harmful. After all, your partner may not be much better off. If you don’t have another topic on hand, you can easily start a call about that nervousness.

Despite all the advice, there is one that you should definitely stick to on your first date: Be honest! There is nothing more disgusting to a girl than a messy nerd. It may arouse a smile, but not interest.

Despite all the advice on how to pack a girl, it is of course best if she catches you herself. You will pretend to be disinterested for a while, but then you will smile at her, and in an instant you will forget all the dating lessons that you have carefully studied at home before.