Passion for the lazy - how to enjoy and not get excited

Do you deny your body an orgasm just because you don’t want to do anything? You are not alone in this. At the same time, there are many ways to graze comfortably and without any effort.

Today’s hectic times do not completely add to intimacy. After a busy day, most of us so-called “fall on our mouths” and have no idea about a salvation. He wouldn’t sting, masturbation and sex can be pretty exhausting! Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy orgasm effortlessly, tennis elbow and strained back. Welcome to the future of satisfaction!

Instructions for sex for the lazy and tired

Couples most often experience laziness and fatigue in the area of ​​sex. Once you don’t want it, the second time you don’t want it, you are often overwhelmed by both. As a result, sex then becomes a neglected part of living together and the relationship slowly decays. But has anyone already told you that you don’t have to pound a hundred at all costs?

There are a number of love positions that you won’t find yourself at all, because they are made for lazy and slow sex. For example, the sensual and romantic position of the “lotus flower”, where a man is sitting in a Turkish chair, the woman slowly gets on it and hugs his partner with his feet. In this position, it is not a wild copulation, but a hug, kisses and gentle movements of the pelvis. Nothing strenuous. And if you want to lie down during sex, try the position of “spoons”. Both lie on their hips (woman’s back to the man) and cling to each other. With a gentle push, the men’s hands remain free and he can thus devote himself to the woman’s breasts or clitoris.

Erotic furniture will also make your fun together. Special mats and pillows for sex can improve the angle of penetration and facilitate a lot of sexual positions. You can use them to support anything you can think of - your back, abdomen, buttocks, hips, etc. Now the whole person will never hurt you after sex.

Everything that boils will help women to orgasm

Female orgasm is a science. How many times you can try and work hard, but after a while your hands are sore, a hole punched in the pillow and orgasm are still nowhere. No wonder you’d better go to Printeran or Street next time - it’s just more comfortable. But what if it came out on its own this time?

Long moments of hard work can save you simple everyday things. Try attaching a sonic toothbrush to your clitoris, a mobile phone with a downloaded vibration application (yes, there are such ones), or aim a stream of water from the shower head at it. Done delight and you almost don’t move a finger! You might argue that using these things for self-repentance is disgusting - and there are handy clitoral vibrators that are made for it.

It can happen that the clitoris does nothing with you. What then? Playing with dildos and other objects of elongated shape requires an action that you do not want to do after a long day. And it is precisely these situations that require a surge vibrator! Just point him in the right direction and he can handle your G-point. If this is too much work for you, then all that remains is to get fucked by a fucking machine. These toys may be a little noisier, but that’s not the point, because you’ll be a little louder.

TIP: Vibrators are the most popular toys among Czechs. Read more about the article: Which erotic toys do Czech women enjoy the most?

Even guys can enjoy themselves effortlessly

Strange as it may sound, men sometimes don’t want to. Especially when it’s not right with the right hand and the “tennis ball” is already in pain on the left. The hard work in those few minutes is no longer a pleasure, so beer and crime are sure? Basically, you always have to put a little more effort into it.

The penis is not a clitoris, but even in this case you can avoid frantic manual work. Try a rotary or impact masturbator that will do most of the work for you. You just slide your cock in and push the buttons. However, not everyone will do these “gadgets” until the end. But then a few experienced touches will suffice and the work will be completed without much effort on the muscles.

An alternative to luxury imitations of women’s games are home-made chases or masturbators. Read: How to make an artificial vagina. You will have to move a little, but you will diversify the whole event and you will not have to make such an effort.

Do you feel tired? Orgasm will wake you up

It is clear that there is no enlightenment every day. However, if you feel tired and do not want anything, the orgasm is guaranteed to restart you. During the climax, the heart rate increases and blood circulation speeds up. There is a stir in the whole body and your brain is literally flooded with a geyser of endorphins. One orgasm and the world is more beautiful. Well, having an orgasm is so easy!