What you should know about masturbation

Maybe you do it, or you say no, but still… Orgasm is one of the basic physiological needs, and although there are a significant number of asexuals among us who do not need it for life, for most it is really a thing to live without.

Lack of satisfaction often leads to bad moods, outbursts of anger (did you know that the vibrator was originally created as a treatment aid against hysteria?) And general physical discomfort. Denying pleasure is definitely not as healthy as religious fanatics try to tell us. On the contrary, it can harm us irreversibly.

That’s why today we will look at a few interesting facts and benefits of masturbation that may surprise you.

20% of women say they have never tried it

According to a 2015 study, up to 20% of women have never tried to masturbate. At the same time, this is one of the most beneficial things in terms of health. But on the other hand, it is a study from the USA, where Puritan views still persist. No wonder. If you have the belief that the touch in intimate places is bad from childhood, it is difficult to break this belief in adulthood. And it’s definitely worth a try, because masturbation.

It can improve your sex life and relationship

And this applies to both men and women. If you get to know your body perfectly during masturbation, you will find out in peace how you work. What you like and where the touch is not so pleasant. During masturbation and orgasm, the body and hormones are released, which puts you in a better mood, so there is nothing to think about! In addition - with the amount comes a greater taste. That you are not in the mood for sex in a relationship? Try it yourself a few times and after a while you will throw yourself at the partner full of passion with joy. And the opposite is also true. Don’t be afraid to give your husband some time alone. You will see that he will repay you richly in bed.

Reduces pain and mood swings during menstruation and PMS

If you get over it through pain, relaxation through orgasm is a great fighter with abdominal and back pain during menstruation. Even in the days before, it is a great helper that will relieve you of pain and mood swings, at least for a while. Masturbation, with or without erotic aids, is truly the most delicious “pill” during women’s days.

Male masturbation with aids is still a bit taboo

Although most people see male masturbation as something natural that a man would not survive without, erotic aids for women still do much better in sales - from dildos to vibrators.

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Masturbation is really beneficial for the overall physical and mental condition. If you’re still avoiding shame, it’s time to break it. And know what your body really likes.